ADVICE FROM LITTLE GIRL - Short Story. Presenting you the Short Motivation story for you and For others Who badly needs this type of Motivation, So kindly Read full story and try to understand the moral of the story.



All day long, I was tired of and frustrated and sat down to drink tea from a depressed heart.

Frustrated because I was in search of a job.  My B COM was done .I knew computer as well. But today was another week I was very disappointed in the job search or did not get a job despite this much education.

Sitting in frustration at the thought of such a thing, there seemed to be tears in my  eyes. Because I also needed money. My mother was ill. My dad's operation was pending and if I can't find a job like this, where can I do it all?

 there was a voice coming from behind "Brother, want a ballpen?"

When I looked back, there was a seven-year-old girl standing there. There was a mess. The hair seemed to have not been washed for weeks. The sound was very slow.
The body seemed to be a bit sick. He had a torn bag in one hand and several colorful ballpens in the other hand and extended his hand toward me.

Since I was very disappointed, I said “no”
There was something different in his voice, insisting that "Take it, this is a blue ballpen, very good in writing".

The second time I tried to leave it with the tip of my hand,  she  gave it a small smile and proceeded.

She went ahead to another man. The answer I gave was the same. Some says no in angryli, some says in happily but the answer was the same

I did not know when my attention was drawn to the little girl from my distress.

I started to see all this, the girl went to one man after another and after all that, she left to go to another place where I called her.

A smile on his face came. She  ran and extend her hand with full of the bollpens.  "Brother, want a very good pen? 3 bollpens in only Rs. 10."

 with a lot of love that I said, "Yes, I will buy this pen but first sit here."

I urged her to sit on the stool next to me. It seemed that she gonna sit because of the bollpens which I am purchasing.

I asked him with a very generous voice, "Beta, how long you were selling this ballpens?"

" From this morning"she said.

"And how many ballpans do you sell?" I asked

Thinking it over and over again,she kept my eyes peeled and said softly "no one"

The answer seemed to be a bit emotional.

Then I thought it okay to talk further on the subject and I asked "Beta,do you eat anything from morning?"

He simply said no by her neck  and the eye began to blink more

I then asked him, "What will you do tomorrow, if ballpens were not sold today?"

She said “I will continue to sell this pens tomorrow.”
And she begun to jump from the stool and tried to run but I grabbed her and sit on the table and bought a ballpen from her.

That's when I learned something from this little girl.

"To loose in something is not a matter. To think like a looser is a matter"

"Stop Trying anything is a sin is a crime."

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