My grandson and I sat in front of T.V. as per my daily routine. We were both eagerly awaiting 5:15. Because that's when both of our "favourite" shows were coming.

Still thinking in my mind that if once tea is available it will be great, my daughter inlaw offered me the tea as soon as it was available. There was no question of refusing, so it was yes
With tea sticks, I went to see the show on T.V. That's where the doorbell of the house sounded. Along the doorbell, my grandson ran to open the door, saying "Daddy came" but to his surprise, there was not his  father in that place, but a man in "white clothes" was standing and looking for someone elder inside our house. With the help of a neck.
Finally he said "This is the house of Dinanath Patel?"

I said in response, "Yes, it is, what is the matter?"

The man just turned away from the door without saying,I wondered, "What name might this man have come to know?"

But that was not the case. Then he went to a big car and opened the door to the big car. Many a time later a man descended from it.
What was "personality" was his black suit, black color boots, black color watch, mouth ekadum illuminated, brown eyes watching me with glasses of black color, he had a nice bouquet in his hand. As he moved from his car to me, the questions inside me began to jump.

"Why would this rich man come to me?", "Will he have to buy this house of my ancestor"?

"No no, don't let this house be shared to anyone" I started thinking in my mind
Eventually it reached me and touched my feet as well. From this act of this strange man, the questions inside me have not been settled anywhere. He gave me bouquet, "I've been looking for you for such a long time, but I met you today".

I was trying to speak and he said "let's sit in home and talk"
I also liked it so I insisted on coming in as if I was calling it in the direction of the hand without speaking anything.

Sitting inside, he said, "You didn't know me?" Spoke in a slow voice

"No, have we ever met before?" I spoke calmly.

Along with this, he  hd a smile on his face and said "Yes, we have met before".

As this man continued to speak, my questions continued to grow. But,how to ask, I finally found  some courage, "Can you remind me? When did we met before?"
He speak with ease, "why not!"” You know, ten years ago, you were standing at the bus stop, and on your side stood a man in a dirty clothes with a black color file in his hand. He was very confused and you called him and asked him the time. As you talked about, he answered you sarcastically, now you remember somebody? "
After much thought, I remembered that yes one day it was true but I did not understand what it was like to be a dirty man. “But what is your relationship with that man? And why do you know all this? "

"That man is nobody else but me" said the unknown guest at my house.
He had to say so much and to my surprise there was no room for so many questions already running in my mind and now my brain was acting like they were refusing to take any more questions.
 I say, "You don't lie, but I don't believe you are that man! Because it seems  that guy even hadn’t the money to wear the sandal. And you look so rich!."

"Yes you are right." He said with a few smiles, "I didn't even have the money to buy slippers and whatever I am today is because of you."
This talk made me feel a jolt because I have talked to the man for only ten minutes  I met ten years ago. And what did I do in those ten minutes that this man was consider  me as the reason for being  rich?
 my surprise okay! As my grandson's questions raised,He has  began to say, "Hey grandpa! What have you done to make this uncle become rich? Say na grandpa!"
Since I was not able to answer it, I urged the guest to "Answer my grandson Question"

He very lovingly called my grandson to him, put him by his side and started talking. He said that
“ Ten years ago, had no job or no business, if only I had one pair of clothes, torn slippers, one watch that my father gave me, and one idea that God gives me for business. I used to revolve around that idea, sometimes to fulfill this dream, but I was denied because of my personality. I was afraid and prayed to God that God would finish my only dream. "
“About six months passed, I got frustrated. But one day I did not have the time to move on to my business. One day I thought I would not be called because people thought that a man like me would get a business idea. All the positivity inside me was washed away in water, so I decided to go to my village instead of wondering  too much, so I had a pot of my luggage. walked the bus stop. It was a while ago that an old man, like a father, came up to me and stood right beside me. And they politely asked me for time but my mind woke up from this world and good men so I started to look at them angrily instead of answering them and standing two steps away. "

 I got up from my place and sat down with my grandson. And kept listening.
He went on to say, "As I went a little farther, that old man came to me and asked that “bus for atkot has gone or not?”
“stay away from me and I got angry and told him that you do not know that  I'm not answering you and you're asking me too much! Please leave me alone and I'm very disappointed. " I said very angrily.
"What I meant was that the old man  came to my side and said," What has happened  son? Why are you so frustrated? "

"But I didn't answer him. Just looking at them with anger and turning my side to other. As soon as I turned around, a paper came out of the file in and didn't know when the old man had taken that paper. "
There was so much talk of this man that I slowly started to remember everything. And now I feel like I have the answers to my questions

His story were continued "The old man came to me a few minutes later and said that

"Don't worry what you think it will be done one day"
It was old man utterance and I was overwhelmed with it .No one ever told me that For six months  I was wandering in that village. My temper got a little cold. Now, may be time has gone, I've been here from six months, but I couldn't find anyone to accompany me. That's why I'm leaving here." The old man grabbed me by my arm without saying anything and made me sit up and speak

"Every business has started with just one idea Even a youngster like you had an idea for a business but he met no one who can fulfill his idea for two years. No one was found, but the only difference between him  and you was that after two years of hard work, he felt that his idea would come true. ""Two years," he said loudly, and then his bus came up and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "It's been over two years? He put his hand on my heart and said "It gonna happen one day "and gone.

This thing went through my mind and it was because of this that I went back there and started trying to make my idea come true.
He was speaking and he started to shed tears from the eyes of strangers and put his eyes on my grandson's eyes and said, "That old man was nobody else but your grandfather."

So much so that I, too, got a tad bit upset and felt like I was in tears from the beginning.
My grandson don’t utter a word
Just then, the stranger glanced at me and touched my feet again and said, "If it weren’t  you, I wouldn't be here right now."
 talked a little and went out and approached the door and he  called me to the side and asked, "Who was the man you talking about that day?"

 I laughed and said "There was no such thing, I had said that to get you out of frustration"

He smiled and nodded.

I also asked him, "What is  your name?"

He was very respectfully said "My name is Alok Sharma"
Alok Sharma? the Alok Sharma? "The youngest, millionair in the world?"

He nodded and sat in the car and drove away.

That day I learned two things

1) Anyone who has an idea can move on but who has no idea cannto move on
2) Think thousand times before to say “NO” anyone. Our “YES” can change someone life.