TRY - BEST MOTIVATIONAL SHORT STORY IN ENGLISH presenting you the most loved "motivational short story" in english, so please read full story and get some motivation.


One day, two of my friends and I were on a city bus. It was a hot season.
The city bus was loading and unloading passenger standing at one stop.
We were all in our smartphones.

That's where my attention went to the man sitting in the seat in front of me. Because it was nobody else but "The  Ashlok Verma". A "Ashlok Verma" who first came across India in the examination of the Chartered Accountant.

I knew about him, so I went to the empty seat next to him without spending any time.
So generous and slow I said "Sir, can I sit here?"

Give a few smiles and say "Yes, of course, sit down"

I sat down and said "Sir, you are Ashok Verma? Sir, I am your big fan"

He laughed and said "Yes! I am Ashok Verma"

I continued to say "Sir, you are my idol. I have heard a lot about you about how you prepared for a Chartered Accountant and how you came to India first, even in an exam where it is difficult to pass."

He was listening to me with that attention. And smiling and shaking his head when needed.

My talk continued, "Sir, I wanted to come first to all of India like you, but I was not in luck"

He stopped me and said "you  was not in luck?"

I said "Now  I stop prapring for  Chartered Accountant!"

He immediately exclaimed, "Why?"

"I failed in three consecutive exams. So I left and now B .com is on."

After seeing me for a while,
 the conductor spoke and said, "Come on, aryasamaj stop!"
He stood up and laughed and spoke to me  those who have not forgotten till now, "Have you failed three times? You know when I first came to India I had failed nine times."

Is because of that sentence I am preparing for chartered accountant again.And I learned something that success will not be served in a plate but you have to fight for getting it.
Everybody who is successful here once upon a day they also failed in something. Failed in something is the proof thay you gonna become successfull one day.